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Betsy Ross House

Betsy at Home

Betsy Ross is known for sewing the first American Flag for George Washington. But do you know how that first flag came to life? Or what her connection was to General Washington? What about Betsy’s life as a child? Being away from her upholstery shop can’t keep Betsy from sharing her stories! View this series of videos for stories from Betsy, from her home to yours!

Although Betsy wishes she could be in her shop meeting you in person, she is making the most of her time at home by telling us about her life! Check out this video to learn more about Betsy’s history and her life in Colonial Philadelphia, and how she had an impact on the United States’ legacy.

Have you ever been curious about what living in the Colonial times was like for children? Although as a Quaker, Betsy was limited to what she could do in her free time, she came up with lots of fun activities to occupy herself! Maybe these activities can keep you entertained at home!

Learn about Betsy the business woman, who made furnishings, bed hangings, and beds in her day, and how this trade led her to meeting the future first President of the United States, George Washington!

Staying at home has made Betsy quite nostalgic. Learn about how Betsy made the first American flag for George Washington (and America) in 1776, at the age of 24, and how she influenced an important part of the design.

Betsy Ross gets a lot of questions about her experience creating the first American flag over 200 years ago! Find out where the color choice and the colors on the flag originated, how she chose how to shape the stars on the flag, and so much more in this video. She looks forward to answering more of your questions in her shop soon.

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Plan your group trip to Historic Philadelphia with unique experiences from the Betsy Ross House, Franklin Square, and Once Upon A Nation! From interactive Storytelling tours and Philadelphia-themed mini golf to performances by historic reenactors, it's all listed right here!

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