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Presidents' Day Weekend Events

Presidents' Day Weekend Events in Philadelphia


    Family Presidents' Day Weekend Events


February 20th is Presidents' Day and you can celebrate all weekend long with free family activities at the Betsy Ross House and the Liberty 360 Show in the PECO Theater at the Historic Philadelphia Center!

  • Presidential Stories by Once Upon A Nation - Learn lesser-known, intriguing stories told by fun and interactive Once Upon A Nation Storytellers.  Great for everyone in the family!  February 18, 19, and 20; 2-5pm; at Liberty 360 Show in the PECO Theater, located inside the Historic Philadelphia Center, 6th & Chestnut Streets.
    • A Tale of Two Georges  - Guess whether some facts about George Washington are true or not
    • A story about George Washington's Hero - Who was George Washington's Hero, and how did his hero affect the outcome of the Revolution?
    • Birthday Bash - How did Martha's Washington's birthday party for George Washington improve our chance of winning the Revolution?
    • Washington's First Inaugural Ball - A story about George Washington's historic journey to his first Presidential inauguration
    • Valley Forge Veterans Return - A poignant story about George Washington's nostalgic visits to Valley Forge long after the War
    • Abe Lincoln's visit to Independence Hall - A story about Lincoln's journey to his first inaugural ball
    • Washington's favorite Spy - A swashbuckling, interactive story about George Washington's spy at Valley Forge
    • The Battle That Had no Battleground - George Washington chooses a genius inventor to devise a plan to attack enemy ships, after the British take over Philadelphia
    • General Wayne and the Cow - A story about starvation, hunger and misery at Valley Forge... it's a pretty funny story!
  • Historic Chocolate Making - Join us for FREE Historic Chocolate Making demonstrations & tastings at the birthplace of the American flag – the Betsy Ross House!  How exactly did townspeople make chocolate in the 17th century?  With a rebellion against tea and everything British, our forefathers proudly chose hot chocolate and coffee drinks as symbols of freedom.  Thus began chocolate’s uniquely American journey of good taste.  Come in from the cold and listen, watch, and taste!
  • Kids' Crafts! - Create a "Future President" cockade ribbon!  February 18, 19, and 20; 2-5pm; at Liberty 360 Show in the PECO Theater, located inside the Historic Philadelphia Center, 6th & Chestnut Streets.



After celebrating Presidents' Day, take a journey through liberty and the iconic symbols of America in the Liberty 360 Show in the PECO Theater!

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